GaGa Craze!

A highlight of summer 2011 for many campers and staff was the addition of the GaGa Pit.

An octagonal wall allows many participants to enjoy an exciting, fast paced game of GaGa, a form of dodgeball. The game starts by throwing the ball up and shouting Ga the first two times the ball hits the ground and continues until only one person is left in the pit. After that everyone jumps back in and a new game begins. It doesn’t matter if someone has quick feet or slow, is young or old, jumps high or not, anyone can play and have a lot of fun! Many campers would have loved to play this game all day every day. Some campers cleaned up meals faster to play GaGa. The pit was always full during free time. If you haven’t played the game yet, get yourself up to the hill to play. Tuna and Cheeks are always ready for a game of GaGa!

Special thanks to YoYo, Chad Yoder, Brian Goshow and Gerry Hawkes for playing significant roles in the construction of the GaGa Pit! Thanks also for the Eco Track Gerry, and the brackets Brian!

A video on Eco Track:


A video of Gaga at night in the snow!

One Response

  1. Abby Tenney says:

    This game was the highlight of camp for my son Carroll. He enjoyed it so much when he went to pick his sister up from teen camp, he got everyone involved to play after the ending of camp. It is a fun game and he looks forward to playing it next summer. thank you for finding this game.

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