Bethany Birches Camp Volunteer Position Description


Position:  Nurse

Job Description: Tend to the youth and staff of Bethany Birches Camp when they are injured, dehydrated, sick or otherwise in need of care.

Requirements: Some level of training in the medical field (LPN, RN, CRN is ideal – if you’re in college or going back to school to become a nurse, that’s fine too).  We have policy about sending campers to the hospital when they are beyond your help so please don’t worry about being the nurse, doctor and surgeon J.


  • Distribute ice when necessary
  • Be available for injured and sick campers, to sit with them or watch over them until they can return to the activities
  • Appropriately refer for more advanced medical care
  • Discuss camper’s status with parents
  • Distribute the medication if you can be the intake person on registration day
  • Spend time hanging out at camp


Some day, your creator will say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  You will have opportunity to minister and be with many youth including our staff.  No doubt, you will experience some renewal yourself.  Lots of good camp food and free lodging.

Of course, as a volunteer you may also engage in other activities that are energizing for you.

Contact Brandon with questions – 802-672-5220

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