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21st Annual Benefit Auction

Greetings friends!

Another camp season has come and gone, and with it, another benefit auction.  Having been a part of so many auctions, it is easy for me to forget how generous some people are.  I was reminded of this when talking with a newcomer this past Saturday morning.  Both he and his wife appeared somewhat stunned upon entering the pavilion.  He asked me why eggs just sold for $70.  Then he almost interrupted himself to ask why we are even selling eggs in the first place.  Turns out there are a couple answers to that question:

  1. The three sisters named in this description are all BBC campers: “1 lot of 4 dozen Farm fresh eggs from the Wolfe pack’s local, pasture-raised, free-range flock. Hand collected by the Helping HENS (Helen, Esther, Norah- Sisters). On-farm pickup as needed unless otherwise arranged.”
  2. It’s a benefit auction, at which we are raising money to subsidize families so they can afford to send their children to what is normally a very expensive experience.
  3. It’s fun!

My point is, people at the auction are generous.

One of the most important things about a benefit auction is the money.  How did we do?  In total, $71,376 was raised on the day (and another $5300 before the event toward the new mower).   Yay! For those of you who love the data, here’s the sold lot list.

It was a beautiful day.  It looked something like this:


Check out the photo album here.  The lot list with sold prices will be live on our website soon as well as next year’s date!  Plan now to join us next fall.

Thank you,

Brandon “Tuna” Bergey

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