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Bethany Birches 21st Annual Auction

Saturday, September 30th

Camp is Where Lifelong Friends are Made!

“The best place on earth. You are surrounded by people who truly love you and support you…”- Flossie, a camper

2024 Winter Camps

Find winter sessions according to your child’s grade and register while there is still space.

2023 Summer Camps

Find summer sessions according to your child’s age and register while there is still space.

What Will Your Child Learn This Summer?

“This has been a positive experience for Anna each year (4th this time) giving her tools & confidence to express what she believes.”- Edie, a parent

New To Bethany Birches?

Check out the new parents page for an overview of Bethany Birches.


Our unique tier pricing makes camp affordable for everyone.

Camp Is Faith-Based

“I was worried that I might be making a mistake sending them to a Christian camp because I didn’t want them to feel like they were being forced to learn about something they were not really comfortable with yet…”

A Safe Environment

Well trained staff and volunteers follow detailed policies and procedures for keeping your child safe.

A Great Investment

From learning life-long skills like swimming, cooking and conflict resolution to decreasing your child’s risk for developing ADD or obesity, Bethany Birches is a good investment.

Camp Is Fun!

“Nina came home talking about the playing on the water trampoline, rock climbing, eating ice cream in a pig trough, and solving the mystery with fellow campers of who stole the chocolate chips!” – Sarah, a parent.


See videos of summer and winter camp programs on our Youtube page.