Facility Rental Policies

Age & First-Time Renters

Rental Group Coordinator must be 25 or over and be staying the whole time.  New to Bethany Birches renters must fill out the Rental Agreement for First Timers (or download in MS Word to fill in electronically).


  • We have a strict policy. Alcohol is not allowed to be present when youth activities are happening.
  • Outside of youth program alcohol in moderation is permitted. However, there should be NO public display of alcohol use (meaning alcohol must be kept in the pavilion and cabin).
  • Bethany Birches Camp is no place for drinking parties. If loud, rude, crude partying is observed the group will be asked to leave without refund.
  • Any cost for repairs or cleaning incurred while alcohol is present will be charge to your credit card.
  • While beer and wine is allowed if kept within buildings, liquor is not unless served by a licensed, insured, bar tender.

Cell Phones

We don’t get reception, for better or for worse. There is a phone in the cabin for your use.


Pets are NOT allowed in the Bethany Birches Camp Cabin or Pavilion Kitchen. Please pick up after your animal’s waste.


  • Smoking is prohibited inside the buildings.
  • If you choose to smoke outside please dispose of your butts cautiously and discretely – NOT ON THE GROUND.

Winter Rentals

We receive A LOT of snow in the winter. The property is on the top of a hill! Please plan to drive a 4WD or AWD vehicle or have chains for your two-wheel drive vehicle.

Please ONLY use Lynds Hill Road during the winter months.  Hale Hollow and any other GPS suggested route will not be passable.

Check In is at 3pm.

  • If you need an earlier check in, please check with Amber. We charge an hourly rate for early check-ins.
  • A credit card is required on check-in. A hold is placed on the card in case of any damages ($200 for cabin, $500 for rest of camp). This card is also charged if damages exceed $200.

Check Out: 11am.

  • If you wish to check out later, please check with a BBC staff person. We can offer a pro-rated hourly rate for late check outs or early arrivals if there are no other rentals conflicting.
  • If you are planning to get your cleaning deposit back, you must be finished cleaning by 11am.
  • Before leaving (even if not doing the cleaning yourself):
    • Tie trash bags and take them to the dumpster.
    • Please wash all dishes and return them to where you found them.
    • If you moved furniture, please move it back to where you found it.


  • Pay while staying at camp, no credit options.
  • DEPOSIT: if reservation is made within 6 months of arrival date we will take 50% of your total fee to reserve the space. If prior to 6 months of arrival date, send only 10% of the total.
  • Cancellation: If you cancel your reservation 90 days in advance, we will keep only 10% of the price for your proposed stay and return the rest to you. Otherwise, please consider your deposit as a donation the ministry of Bethany Birches Camp.

Summer/Winter Rentals

  • Summer rentals: The first week in April through last weekend in November
  • Winter rentals: The first weekend in December through the last weekend in March

Cleaning Deposit

  • You do NOT need to clean.
  • Some groups love this cost-saving option which is why we continue to provide it.
  • Here’s the deal: if you’d like to save some money, you can clean according to our standards and receive a refund.
  • You need to tell us at least two weeks in advance that you’ll be cleaning, otherwise we will schedule our staff/contractors to clean and charge you full rate.
  • View the Facility Cleaning Check List (all buildings but cabin)
  • View the Cabin Cleaning Check List (only cabin, no other buildings)

Don’t hesitate to contact the office at 802-672-5220

or fill out this form with any questions!

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