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20th Annual Benefit Auction

Dear Bethany Birches Community,

I write with thankfulness for 20 years of the annual benefit auction.  The auction is a fundraiser that supports the deep subsidies given to all campers and especially the ones who need much different price points in order to attend.  That auction is more than a fundraiser at this point.  It embodies our core value of community.  Each year, I hear from attendees that they enjoyed the event, and often they reference the joy of seeing old friends and making new friends.

Another key part of the annual auction is the food!  From Phil’s doughnuts first thing in the morning to a yummy, included no-charge lunch, food is a key part of the fun.  This year, in honor of 20 years, Bethany Birches staff provided children’s programming and thanks to neighbor Bob, a hay ride.  The programming was capped off with pig trough!  One of the youngest campers participated:


When the committee began the auction in 2002, their goal was to create an additional funding source for Bethany Birches. The first years were not easy but many of you stuck with us, and as we learned, it became easier and easier. Now there is a process for running the auction, dedicated volunteers, and a will to make sure that campers who cannot afford camp can still come to camp and have a fun, meaningful, nature-filled, Christ-centered experience.  Over the past 20 years this event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help guarantee that for many campers.  Each week we ask campers to write a brief letter to those who support Bethany Birches.  One reads:

Dear friend,

I liked the people and activities.  I learned that I feel calmer and more connected to people and God while I’m at camp.  Thank you for supporting this camp. 

Another reads:

Thank you so much for donating to camp. I have so much fun here every year, and i can’t wait to come back next year.  At camp I learn more about God and how to be a leader. 

This year, 150 people came out to give more than $60,000 to provide the BBC experience to local kiddos who need the help.  Thank you to all who participated!  If you would still like to join the fun, you can purchase the mug club here.


Brandon “Tuna” Bergey, Executive Director

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