Camp Is Affordable. As A Community We Make It Happen.

It has been important since day one, in 1965, that anyone who wants to attend camp can afford to do so.  Through fundraising and volunteerism, the community that is Bethany Birches Camp funds the sliding scale, repairs and builds new buildings, and gives time to make it all happen.

Annual Fundraising continues with the Annual Benefit Auction, Kids To Camp, Staff Matching and the ongoing subsidy of the overall program.

2021 goal: raise $170,000 to support the program.

Volunteering is an important part of the Bethany Birches support system. Many persons give many hours over the course of a year.  There are many ways to volunteer.  Whether you are young or old or in between, join in the fun.  Sign up for volunteer emails here or see some regular volunteer options here.

Capital Purchases and Fundraising Projects

We do not figure capital expenditures into our pricing for camp.  That way campers get to pay less which means they can come more often.  And that helps us accomplish the mission.  It also means we need help when upgrading tools or taking on special projects.

Dollars Given: $43,300
Dollars Goal: $50,000

We are getting close!  Will you help us finish one of the projects we started at the auction?  The indoor climbing wall will be constructed inside the pavilion, and used during winter camps, summer rainy days, school groups, etc.

Here are some other projects you may be interested in:

Fixing Cardinal cabin foundation

Replacing our 20+ year old mower

Replacing the old furniture in the cabin

Planting decorative trees around the pavilion and parking lot.

If you would like to fund one of these, please let us know.  802-672-5220.  camp @

If you shop on Amazon, try this.

Amazon Smile is a donations program.  In short, you pick Bethany Birches, then use the address to access Amazon.  Anything you buy on Amazon when “smile” is the first part of the web address generates dollars for camp.