Sojourner 2011, Why Camp?

So, to state the sad truth, the summer is over. I never really allowed myself to believe this community of love would come to an end. Yet I’m also beginning to see how it can be possible outside of camp and without the incredible body of staff that I got to know this summer.

I think this last week really exposed the ideas that are at the heart of Bethany Birches. Most of the teens have been coming to this camp for up to 10 plus years and have grown through its ministry. Some of them were interns this summer and had a chance to see camp from the perspective of the servant and begin to value this place for its mission, not just their personal gain. Having all these teens as campers made for one of the best weeks and they were able to speak to the camera effectively about real reasons to come to this place year after year. They taught me a lot about how his community and spiritual growth experience is not bound to BBC. (I will continue to write about this as I post the next few videos.)

For this one I would just like to point out the theme that emerged of friendship. I’m always surprised at the different message that forms from this same question each time. To me, this “why camp?” shows that it’s worth risking getting to know someone, is worth risking love even if it’s just for one week out of every year.  It also shows how BBC has become an integral part of their lives; they can’t imagine a summer without it. “It’s the best place ever” and it’s because of “the people here” that risk relationships with each other and Jesus.

One Response

  1. Tuna says:

    Preach it sista! What a challenge – to create community without people. But hopefully, at camp we can learn enough about creating community that it becomes easier for us to gather those around us outside of camp.

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