From Camper, to Camp Cook

I was at the local pizza shop talking with a long-time camper earlier this week (he is a pizza chef now). He started working in our kitchen part time during the summer to pick up some extra hours. As we were talking, he inquired about the auction. He remembered it was coming up, and he wanted to know if we were ready. He wished us well. It struck me that a young man who just turned 20, was asking about a benefit auction where maple syrup sells for the price of a trip to the dentist. And then I remembered that when he was young, his mom was single and life was pretty hard at times for them. Regardless, he came to camp. He started attending camp in 2009 and attended for 10 consecutive years.

His mother paid $115 that first year for his week of camp. And that may be part of why this 20-year-old man is curious about the benefit auction. He knows Bethany Birches to be a place filled with love, and compassion, and somehow was able to make it so that even a young, hard working single mother could send her two boys sometimes more than once each year. The 21st annual auction was a lovely time, filled with friends, food, and giving. More than $70,000 was raised that morning so that kiddos from all walks of life can have a meaningful, faith-filled summer and winter camp experience.

~ Brandon “Tuna” Bergey, Executive Director

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