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Friends, it’s the holiday season!  Here at camp that means hunting, opening of ski resorts, Christmas break, and snow camp preparation.  The end of the calendar year for many also means generosity. Unless you’re feeling Scrooge-like.  If that’s the case, come to camp soon so we can help melt your heart!  If you are feeling generous and interested in learning more about camp’s needs I wanted to make some known.

We are still looking for some funding of the annual budget.  Specifically, $50,000 toward kids to camp and general operations (these are bills like insurance, facilities, and stuff we don’t ask campers to pay for).  You could give to Kids to Camp through the Christmas program and if you’re a parent you can buy a session of camp through the Christmas program.

A chain saw that was in service for a long time has bit the dust.  Do you have an extra one or one you don’t use much?  Send it over here!

Also a canoe trailer!  Have one? Know someone who does?  We could use one for at least 6 boats (8 would be better).

If you haven’t heard about the camp’s path toward net-zero energy use we are currently tackling the heating portion of that through wood burning. The process is under way.  In fact, here are some photos.  We need to raise about $40,000 more at time of writing to finish this project.

You probably know that camp relies heavily on volunteer labor.  In fact, there’s a group here right now from Towamencin Mennonite Church.  Thanks guys!  It looks like we have almost enough volunteers for the upcoming winter camps which is great.  We are currently looking for help for summer camp 2018!  Maintenance, Kitchen, Shepherds, Nurses: would you consider giving a few days or a week?  If you have a family it can make for a meaningful (and cheap) family vacation as food and lodging is included.  Learn more here.

Since we’re on the topic of summer camp, I should add that we need help finding male counselors.  A Bethany Birches counselor is someone who has connected with God in their heart, listens to others, enjoys being outside and can lead the way in having fun!  If you know a young man who meets this description please tell them about camp!  All the summer job opportunities are here.

Feel free to write, text or call any time.  Wishing you and yours the very best as this year ends and a new one begins.  May you find God in the passing of the years and the newness of each day.

Happy Holidays!

Brandon “Tuna” Bergey

Executive Director

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