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Summer and Winter Camps are the focus of Bethany Birches. A lot of people contribute to make camp happen. The BBC Board of Directors (BOD) is a group of 9 folks who think about the broader vision of BBC and where it’s heading into the future. Stacy Selbo is a member of the BOD. What follows are her reflections on how she got involved with BBC and what the Board is currently working on.

Our family moved to Vermont from Atlanta in 2004, and settled in Bridgewater in 2005.  While we were active in our Atlanta church, our 3 boys also had meaningful, Christ-centered summer camp experiences from first grade until they could no longer be campers.  We didn’t know what our Vermont experience would hold for our family spiritually, but shortly after being in the Woodstock, Bridgewater area, our youngest son had opportunities to visit Bethany Birches camp with the First Congregational Church of Woodstock Youth Group.  We were thrilled to learn about this magical and special place just 15 minutes from our home!

Simultaneously, Amber (Cheeks) Bergey and I were involved in a women’s bible study with a small group from a variety of churches.  It was a familiar connection and we stayed in touch.  Then, I joined the Board in 2015.

The Board is active and meets throughout the year beginning with an annual retreat (January) to review and coordinate the direction of camp with Brandon.  As a Board, our main focus is to consider the resourcefulness and sustainability of BBC, which continues to head in a very positive direction.  Enrollment is up to nearly record attendance, thanks to proactive marketing and consistent fundraising.  In 2017, BBC is debt free which is a remarkable accomplishment, with gratitude to Brandon for driving that goal.

While the Board continually reviews strategies, we are primarily focused and thoughtful about the spirituality that BBC represents and conveys to our campers – living the Mission.

I am especially thankful that an extraordinary camp like Bethany Birches exists here in the secular mountains of Vermont.  What a special place for young people to learn about Christ!



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