Give Camp for Christmas

We want to offer you an opportunity to share the gift of camp with your child, family, or friends. This is an opportunity for parents to give your child a week of summer camp or weekend of winter camp for Christmas. For you donors, you can give to the Kids to Camp fund in honor of a friend or family member. In both cases, you will get a nice card to give them. You could also purchase items from The Birches (camp store) as a Christmas gift!

For Parents: Your child is already planning to come to camp, so why not make a nice Christmas gift out of it? We’ll send you a card with their name and any other notes you’d like us to put in. Then all you have to do is slip it under the tree Christmas morning. Give camp here. Want to give a gift from our camp store as well? You can!

For Donors: Make a donation to the “Kids to Camp” fund in honor of a family member or loved one. We’ll send you a card that you can give to them Christmas morning describing the donation. Want to give a gift from The Birches (camp store) as well? You can!

We hope your friends and family enjoy their Christmas gifts!

Love, peace and joy to the world!

Chick and Tuna



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