Spiritual Saturday: Backpacking!

Backpacking in the mountains is an adventure. Everything about it. Maybe you’ll meet a bear. Maybe it will rain then drop 20 degrees before nightfall. Maybe the bridge across the river will be out and you’ll have to find a new way around.

One interesting thing about this is that it doesn’t cost anything. Backpacking includes the most basic elements: walking, weather, animals and earth. Yet, this walking around in the woods can provide a great adventure.

To modern minds, this is foreign. How can something that is simple, free and basic, be a great adventure?

I say because it brings us nearer to God. When we walk around in the woods, we realize how subject we are to our surroundings. It’s foreign to us modern folk because we have become really good at insulating ourselves from nature and our surroundings.

This insulation, ironically, is why we have so much health trouble. But that isn’t what this entry is about. It’s about walking in the woods as a way to reconnect with God.

For me and Cheeks, backpacking was enlightening. It reminded me where I come from, and that from dust I came and to dust I will return.

– Tuna

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