Friendship Favorites

The campers this week always have a well of joy that is very contagious. They get excited by the simple things like swimming and never grow tired of catching frogs. If there’s one thing they are certain about that they can vocalize it’s their preferences. I spent some time this week just asking them about their favorite activities and then capturing them on video.

Although this age group did not allow for them to assist me with the DVD I still tried to let them in on my job whenever I could, even if it was just holding the camera for a few seconds. However, one interview you see in this segment was actually videoed by a camper – I think you’ll be able to tell by the low angle of the shot and the confusion of bodies mid-interview. Although at times this is frustrating because I feel there is a certain disconnect in what you’re watching as it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on what is being said when the camera’s dancing is making you dizzy. Yet I’m also realizing just how much the campers are receiving from being trusted with this important task as well as a certain genuine quality that is evident when the one behind the camera is coming from the same place/level as the one in front of it.


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