What Have You Learned? Campers from Summer 2011 share

Jesus is real and he is there for you – Alex

Fire is a powerful force – Adam

To keep the fire going with God, you have to spend time with Him in some way – Izzy

God has unconditional love for everyone – Annie

God catches your attention in special ways, the special ways mean something – Grady

The humbleness of Jesus – Ty

Jesus wants to help you carry your burdens – A Camper


I Learned that your journey with God can start with a spark – A camper

God is a very important in life – MaryAnn

God will always listen to you – Sara

God is everywhere – Maggie

God knows you more than you know yourself – Olivia

I Learned how to play Ga Ga – Sydney

I learned by praying in a group challenge, I like it – Kat

God helps us through things – CiCi

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