Item of the Day: Ibex Jackets

Hi Friends,

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention now.
Today’s Item: Ibex Solace Jackets!  Men’s Medium and Men’s Large (1 each).
Donor: Rich and Lucy Landis.
Learn more:  These jackets are light and warm.  They are wind & water resistant (that’s how they have to be – can you imagine a sheep or an Ibex with fur that didn’t repel wind or water?!).  They are made from 100% Merino Wool and they won’t make you itch!  Ibex stands behind their wears.
Ibex Jacket Large
Bid Now: enter “jktlrg” or “jktmed” on the form.
Happy Bidding.
Tuna (Brandon)

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