Voyager 2011, Photography Interest Group

This week I led a photography interest group for the second time this summer. The first time was so rewarding and so I was pumped to be able to do it again. I planned to be more prepared than the first time by checking all the cameras for battery life and memory card space beforehand. Yet when I went to start the group, two of the cameras wouldn’t work and I had more campers than I did cameras. It took several trips up to the staff cabin frantically looking for alternative cameras to use. It worked out alright, but we started a little late and I was disappointed that we lost what little time we had to shoot. Although I pointed out a few things they could try like macro shots, and explained composition and the rule of thirds,  for the most part I stood back and let them experiment. I regretted not being more involved and supportive of the shots they were getting because I was distracted by protecting expensive last-minute borrowed cameras and making sure everyone got a chance to use one.

However, when I uploaded the photos to my computer and started looking through them I couldn’t help but be filled with the same joy I experienced last time. There were details of bark, unique perspectives, portraits of campers and staff, surprising captures of action from different interests groups and so on. While I was concerned about keeping everything together, they were simply being enamored by God’s creation and this opportunity to capture it. The next day one of the girls came over to me and expressed her dream of being a photographer one day. She asked about this possibility and I explained the challenges, but encouraged her to go after it with all her heart if that was really what she wanted to do. I loved hearing her enthusiasm about this passion of hers and her hopes to develop that into a career. I was also honored that she looked to me for guidance in this. The boy in the group also had a lot of enthusiasm and shared how he had a relative who is a professional photographer. It was clear that during the group he felt he had a chance to be like this relative he looks up to.

Throughout this week I was made aware camper’s aspirations. One day during free time a girl started to share with me how she is writing a novel. I was blown away by the detailed plot she described to me. Others shared dreams of becoming a teacher and so on. I was struck by how God gives his children a vision to use the gifts He’s given them. I pray that these campers never lose sight of these things or doubt what is possible when they dream His’s dreams and let Him be their inspiration.

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