Pilgrim 2011, How do you feel loved?

This question has been on my list of potential questions all summer. Yet I never decided to test it out until this week. I think for one I was afraid of getting strange looks and the kids not having an answer. Although that did happen and at moments I felt a little dumb trying to explain what I meant by this, I think the result was worth it. For one, I wanted to know how they feel when they are at camp; how this community creates a unique environment of love. It was encouraging to hear some of them say God was part of that feeling. Surrounded seems to be an important word here. The campers expressed feeling loved because how they were surrounded by God, friends and counselors that “feel for them”. So not only are the people around them supporting them and loving them, they are coming along side them and identifying with their pain and joys.  And how neat that this occurs in the time of a week. That must be God within us.

One Response

  1. Tuna says:

    Pepp, nice work (except for that audio!).

    It must be God within us indeed. The question for all of us is how we will let that light shine.

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