Marriage and Middle School

What do weddings and sweaty pre-teens have in common?  They both fit well at Bethany Birches!  Honestly!  Weddings have been held at Bethany Birches since the earliest years.  Since the construction of the new pavilion we’ve been able to host weddings at any time of year.  Many folks who get married here have a special connection to the place.  Jane decided to get married here because, as a young girl, camp was filled with meaning and life and God.  When she got married, she wanted that meaningful moment to happen in a meaningful place. For Ben and Megan, it was similar.  “We chose Bethany Birches as the venue for our wedding because camp has been a special place for us throughout our relationship and in our lives. We met at camp, began our relationship there, and got engaged there.  It has a special sense of safety and serenity found in few other places.”  Perhaps you haven’t had those powerful experiences here, or have a friend who’s looking for a wedding venue.  Megan pointed out that camp “has all we need to have a lovely wedding – excellent facilities, lodging included, and breathtaking scenery everywhere you look.”

Regarding the sweaty pre-teens, we caught up with Nicole, a middle school teacher who recently brought the whole Hartford Middle School to camp!  She says, “We were looking for an outdoor spot with access to facilities and a trained staff who could plan some team building activities for us. We are a newly formed team of middle school teachers with about 75 middle school students who needed to bond and get to know each other outside of the traditional academic setting.  Your staff was so flexible with planning, and it suited us perfectly.  While we were at BBC, we participated in structured team building activities, free time and group meals.  Our students, being middle schoolers, get very little self-directed outside play time, and this was one of their favorite parts.  They loved the 9-ball game and the gaga-ball.  It was an amazing experience where they could just have fun and be kids.  Anyone looking for teambuilding activities and experiences should consider BBC and the staff!”

Other school groups have spent time at Bethany Birches.  Let us know if there’s a way we can support you and your group whether it’s a school, family or church group.  Or maybe, we can provide a special place for one of the most special days of your life.


-Brandon “Tuna” Bergey, Executive Director


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