Item of the Day: Help Flood Victims!

Hi Friends:

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction! Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention today.

Today’s Item: Well, it’s sort of an item.  Remember Hurricane Irene?  A major flood hit central Vermont (see some flooding near camp). Guess where many of the businesses that give to our auction live?  Central Vermont.  Not only does it make it hard for them to give items to the auction they’re hurting! One attempt we’re making this year to help some of them out is to invite anyone who has not been affected by the flood to buy from them.  And then, give whatever you buy to the annual benefit auction.  It’s that simple!  It gives them revenue and us revenue if you donate what you buy to the auction.

Donor: YOU!
Learn more: Visit our website to buy gift certificates or product from these local businesses.
Bid Now: On this item or others.
Happy Bidding.
Tuna (Brandon)

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