Item of the Day: Forest Savers

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
In honor of that event, I’ll be blogging one very short post each day until the day before the auction (happening September 24 here at camp).
Auction Item of the Day: 1 Full day of work on your property by Forest Savers.
They can build you trails, take down trees, repair your gravel driveway or help you put your driveway back together after the flood!
Donor: Gerry Hawkes.
Learn more:
Bid Now: enter code “forest” here
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All proceeds from the Bethany Birches Annual Benefit Auction support the camp’s summer program which is at the center of all our programming.  You can make a donation here or learn more about the camp’s mission here or learn more about the auction here.  Join us September 24 at Bethany Birches in Plymouth, VT for fun, apple cider and potato chips (seriously… home made potato chips).  If you can’t come, join us online!

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