Proxy/Absentee Auction Bid Form

You’ll need the item number from the live listing. Instructions for how the process works are below.

Proxy bidding closes on Friday, September 29, at 12pm.

  • Fill in the number from the listing for the item you want here as well as a short description of what the item is
  • Place your maximum bid for the above item
  • If you are bidding on a lot that has duplicates, specify here how many you want. Your max bid will be for one item.
    To ship we will charge $5 + $3/pound *Items in the listing with an asterisk will not be shipped
    By submitting this form I authorize Bethany Birches Camp Inc. to bid for me at their Annual Benefit Auction with the specifications listed on this form. I promise to immediately pay the full amount that the item sells for so long as it is less than or equal to my maximum bid.

The Annual Auction is coming up soon! If you can’t attend you can still participate in the Live Auction by placing proxy bids! Almost all of the items are available for Online Bidding. This works quite differently than eBay. Here’s how it works:

  • Look at the items available here.
  • If you’d like an item and want to bid on it, do so by filling out the bid form (below).
  • Submit the form

After you hit submit, here’s what will happen: We will collect the information and take it with us to the auction

  • A lovely volunteer will actually bid in person for you.
  • They will bid for the item you want UP TO THE MAX YOU SPECIFY.
  • If the item sells for less than your max, you will win it. If it sells for more than your max, you will lose it.
  • You will not be charged anything if you do not win the bid.
  • You will only be charged for the ending price, not your max bid.
  • If you win the bid, we will notify you and at that point, you can send a check (or pay online). You must pay if you win.

We will ship the item to you unless you specify pick-up on the form. We will charge $5 plus $3/pound for each pound over the first for shipping. Shipping is additional, above the cost of the item. We will not ship larger items.


A ♥ next to the item code indicates that the item is on the camp’s wish list if you would like to buy something but would not like to take it home.