Pandemic Response Summer 2021

SUMMARY: The governor, in consultation with our highest public health experts explains why they lifted all restrictions .  Given that Covid is still around we are taking some basic precautions.  Read below for what is expected of all campers and staff.  We will use the same at the annual benefit auction.

Updated 9/20/21

We strongly encourage vaccination for all eligible persons.

Benefit Auction Guests

  • Masks: based on the CDC and VT Dept. of Health mask recommendations, we are asking that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons mask when:
    • Indoors which is mostly going inside to the bathroom.
    • Outdoors when social distance is not possible.  This may be in the lunch line, or standing closely to talk quietly, etc.
    Other related details:
    • At this time, both CDC and VT Dept of Health recommend all eligible persons get vaccinated.  Both entities are not at this time including vaccination status as a guideline for masking.
    • We expect to set the auction seating up on and around the porches and weather permitting even outside beyond the porches.  This will allow anyone who is uncomfortable to sit or stand entirely outside, 6 or more feet away from others.  Our goals include safety, comfort, and inclusivity.  There are varying opinions on how to behave as the pandemic continues to twist and turn and we believe if we give each other a little grace and care, and follow the science, we can be inclusive and safe.
  • Illness: stay home when sick (documented allergy and asthma does not count as “sick”).

Resident and Day Camper Expectations

  • Pre Camp: Unvaccinated campers and staff are asked to engage in virus-safe behavior prior to camp.  Examples like staying away from large indoor gatherings where there will be many unvaccinated persons. Please take this seriously especially the week before the start of your session.
  • Masks: we will monitor the current state recommendations close to the time of the program.  We expect not to mask outside and we are considering the open air pavilion an outdoor space when the doors are open.
  • Distance: we are not requiring distance when outside.
  • Illness: stay home when sick (documented allergy and asthma does not count as “sick”).
    • Everyone arriving at camp must be healthy. We will screen arriving campers with a health questionnaire. If symptoms have been present within the previous 3 days, the family will have a conversation with the health staff. If the symptoms are not explained by known allergies or other non-contagious cause, the camper must return home until completely symptom-free for 24 hours. Upon returning, the camper will have a negative rapid antigen test here before joining the camp.
    • Isolating sick persons.  If your child has any symptoms of illness within 3 days of camp, please, please, let us know.  We would like to have you talk with our health staff.  Our goal is to host your child if at all possible.
    • Everyone at camp must remain healthy. If a camper develops any symptoms of illness, they must be separated from the group and evaluated. If 2-3 hours of rest and hydration do not lead to a full resolution of symptoms, without the use of any pain reliever or fever reducer, parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the camper as soon as possible. The camper may return when symptom-free for 24 hours.
  • It is recommended you do not travel to an international destination that has a travel advisory, within 14 days of arrival at camp.  You can check this page.

We learned about public health last summer. Here are some things we like that should help keep germs from spreading.

  • Handwashing! Campers and staff wash hands with soap and water, before eating and at other times as needed.
  • Space between us in sleeping and eating arrangements (we have marked spaces for where to sit at the table and where to place camping mats so space between us is easy to visualize).  When outside, per the health department, and our health director, we are not requiring distance.
  • Be outside!  This has been our forte for almost 60 years.  We eat outside under an awning at each cabin site, sleep in open air cabins, and do most of our activities outside so ventilation is built in.
Stay home when you’re sick.  We will keep every dollar on your account for use at a future program.
We encourage all campers and staff age 12 and up to get vaccinated.  Most of our staff are and any who are not are tested weekly.