Pandemic Response, Health, and Wellness Plan

In Vermont, at time of writing, there are no restrictions as there were prior to summer 2021.  There is a significant emphasis on vaccination, testing, and other measures that keep people healthy.

Updated 1/6/2022

Resident and Day Camper Expectations (at time of writing, see date above)

  • Vaccination: Everyone 5 years old and up should become fully vaccinated before the start of camp.  If you cannot do this, please send an email to to explain your case.
  • Testing: Everyone should be tested right before coming to camp.  We have two options for winter 2022 to make getting your test fairly painless.  All participants should be tested prior to each weekend:
    • At Home: Purchase an FDA authorized at home test prior to camp and have your child take the test within an hour of driving to camp. Then take a photo of your result and email to camp @ bethanybirches.orgIn the photo have your smartphone lock screen on and showing the date and time.  Please also save the test result in case the result is hard to read. 
    • At Camp: We have purchased tests. You can arrive at camp, be tested here, and wait to join the group until the result is in (15-20 min).  A $15 (tier 3,4) or $5 (tier 1,2) charge will be added to your account for this option.

    A positive result means stay at home, or go back home if you test here.

  • Pre camp illness: stay home when sick (documented allergy and asthma does not count as “sick”).
    • Everyone arriving at camp must be healthy. We will screen arriving campers with a health questionnaire. If symptoms have been present within the previous 48 hours, the family will have a conversation with the health staff or director. If the symptoms are not explained by known allergies or other non-contagious cause, the camper must return home until completely symptom-free for 24 hours. Upon returning, the camper will have a negative rapid antigen test here before joining the camp.
    • Everyone at camp must remain healthy. If a camper develops any symptoms of illness, they must be separated from the group and evaluated. If 2-3 hours of rest and hydration do not lead to a full resolution of symptoms, without the use of any pain reliever or fever reducer, parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the camper as soon as possible. The camper may return when symptom-free for 24 hours.
  • Masks: While outdoors masks will not be encouraged.  Obviously while eating, and sleeping masks will not be worn.  At this time we will require all individuals to wear a mask while indoors regardless of vaccination status.  Please send your child with multiple masks in case they get wet or dirty.

Here are additional measures that should help keep germs from spreading.

  • Handwashing! Campers and staff wash hands, before eating and at other times as needed.
  • Space between us (like alternating heads on beds) and ventilation in buildings.
  • Be outside!  This has been our forte for almost 60 years.
Stay home when you’re sick.  We will keep every dollar beyond your deposit, on your account for use at a program happening within one year.