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A great way to stay in touch with BBC and follow your camper’s experience at camp!

General Program Updates- Sign up for year-round updates that are specific to your camper’s age. Be the first to hear about session openings, special discounts, free birthday parties, and more. We promise not to text you more than a few times each month.

Specific Program Updates- Get texts shortly before your camper’s session and during their time at camp. Updates (with pictures!) on what is happening at camp during your child’s session. It’s a great way to follow your camper’s time at BBC!

Sign up for texts specific to your camper’s age. If you have more then one camper please sign up once per camper.

Program Update Texts

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These texts come through a school-based system called "Remind". It works great for summer camps as well! But you may see words like "classes" or "teachers" when you sign up. If you have questions about it, just call (802-672-5220) or email (camp@bethanybirches.org). Thanks!

Winter Camps 2020

Summer Camps 2019

*Don’t like/want texts? When you sign up you can also choose to be emailed the same information

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