Position: Summer Administrator (AKA Office Manager)

Job Type: Full Time, Seasonal

Total Positions Hired: 1

Duration: 12 weeks; End of May – Mid August (this is flexible for the right person… could be shorter or even a little longer)

The summer administrators job is vast and relates to administrative procedures and process that keep the camp running smoothly!  There is also a lot of communication: answering phone and email, helping parents with registration details.  In general you will work closely with the directors.

  • Monitoring and promptly replying to all email
  • Answering the phone and replying to voicemails
  • Help with the check in and check out processes
  • Print and prepare all necessary documents for upcoming registrations (week prior)
  • Process registration monies
  • Update camper records according to changes (cancellations etc.)
  • Organize the interest group sign-ups
  • Create report for the kitchen of upcoming food allergies
  • Communications may include Facebook and texts
  • Record donations and run receipts
  • Print and mail birthday cards
  • Compile prior weeks evaluations and analyze data and report to PD
  • Be available to help with various aspects of camp!  This may include duties related to the nurse and video producer among other things.

Must be capable of working well with a computer.

Willing to learn basic finance.

Able to articulate yourself well on the phone and in person.

Minimum age:  18

  • Either hourly or salary, depending on how many days available and regularity of those days. If salary and living on site the pay could be structured like the counseling staff:
  • $180/week
  • Up to $900 additional if participating in support a staff
  • Room and board (even during the weekends!)
  • Pay raise if you return for more than one summer

Support a Staff: Through the Support a Staff program you can add up to $900 to your salary for the summer. Your goal is to raise an additional $450, and BBC will match the amount you raise. Any additional money raised will be put into the Support a Staff fund. We’ll provide you with a great sample letter to send out to friends, family, or your church.

If your circumstance does not warrant the above, we can adjust according to your needs.

  1. Fill out the short application
  2. Short phone call with Brandon
  3. Fill out the full application with references
  4. Online or in-person interview
  5. Come work at camp!

Contact Brandon with questions – 802-672-5220 or brandon@bethanybirches.org