Floating Counselor

"I am leaving BBC this summer with the knowledge that I am loved, a sense of a second family, and knowing I have a place that I am completely accepted and loved in” - Remi (Counselor)

The position of floating counselor exists to give lead counselors longer breaks to rest during the week. While relieving a counselor the floating counselor will be responsible for the fun quotient, safety, and discipline of the group of campers. When not relieving a counselor the floating counselor will assist the program extraordinaire with program prep, leadership, and clean up.

Duration: 9 weeks

Type: Full Time Seasonal

  • Take time to know the different groups of campers you lead

  • Communicate well with all counseling staff to be aware of various needs, camper issues and schedule.

  • Cook meals over camp fire and involve campers in the cooking

  • Participate in worship and lead Bible study times

  • Guide campers through activities being aware of your campers whereabouts, activities and behavior

  • Maintain a safe environment at all times

  • Perform assigned clean up and set up duties

  • Aid program staff in leading/implementing program activities.

  • Lead Wilderness Weekends

  • Develop a job description for this position

  • Brainstorm schedule formats for this position.

  • Miscellaneous tasks according to Directors

  • Attend daily meetings, occasional weekend events and staff enrichment  exercises

  • Have fun

The floating counselor should have experience with the BBC program. This person should have a deep desire to share God’s love with those around him/her, especially campers and counseling staff. This person MUST be FLEXIBLE and exhibit great leadership, creatively interact with youth, be responsive to the direction of leadership, and desire to serve the community of BBC.

Minimum age: 19

Starting Salary: $240/week

(higher pay commensurate with experience)

Additional Benefits

  • Living in the beautiful green mountains of VT all summer

  • Food is provided for you most of the summer

  • Support a Staff: Earn up to an additional $900 for the summer (In short, you raise money and camp matches dollar for dollar. We’ll help you with this process)

  • Coming back for another summer on staff? We’ll offer you a pay raise each summer you return!

  • Learn life skills like cooking, group management, conflict resolution, and flexibility

  • Use camp as a great addition to your resume and receive quality references from year round staff

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