Voyager: Jul 12 – Jul 17 (Age 10-12)

Ages 10-12; Jul 12 – Jul 17

The Voyager Session at BBC is geared to help campers have fun and learn more about God as revealed through Jesus Christ, themselves, nature and the people around them. This session provides more opportunity for both cooperation and independence by providing more options for activities among shelters and individuals.

Voyager campers spend time together as an entire community to give ample opportunity to make many friends and continue to build on existing relationships throughout the week. All Camp activities include… Mission Impossible Pose


Other activities are geared to foster community within each shelter:

  • Meal Times: Each meal is cooked over the fire at shelter sites
  • Shelter Chats: sharing together as a shelter group
  • CABIN CHALLENGE –  Earn points for your shelter by completing the creek hikes, service adventure, cooperation course, disc golf, geocaching, etc
  • ALL CAMP GAMES: Shelters work together against other shelters to win All Camp games such as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!
  • SLEEP OUTS: Enjoy the BBC tree houses and gaze at the stars through the skylights as you curl up around the trees that run directly through the inside of these 20-foot-high homes.

Campers are encouraged to grow and are given more choices to initiate developing independence. Friendships flourish in all activities. A typical day during Voyager week goes something like this…

  • JUMP START – A morning gathering where the whole camp comes together to gear up for an exciting day, sing songs and receive a nugget to ponder from the camp shepherd.
  • Shelter Chats – A time to hear from your counselor and fellow campers and share from your own life as you develop a community with your shelter.
  • Cabin Challenge: A challenge for your shelter to enjoy as a team: anything from conquering the creek hike to completing BBC’s cooperation course to geocaching or scoring points on the Frisbee Golf Course.
  • INTEREST GROUPS: campers choose between Archery, Gardening, Creative Corner Drama, Ukulele’s, Sling Shots, Outdoor Adventure and a variety of others.
  • POND TIME: Kayaking, Rocking the Pond, Jumping off the water trampoline and being launched by a counselor off the BLOB or earning points for your shelter by running the length of the LOG and oh so much more…
  • GROUP GAMES: Never Ending Dodge ball (NED), Medic Dodgeball, Capture the Frisbee, Tag Games, and additional games that are unique to BBC.
  • FIRESIDE: to close out the day the entire camp meets at the Overlook, the Pavilion or the Old Orchard to sing songs, see skits, and talk with the Camp Shepherd about the theme for the day.

No day looks the same during Voyager week. Each day has a special theme…

  • Topsy Turvy Tuesday: Just when you think you think you got the schedule down, everything turns upside down…
  • Wet N Wild Wednesday: Polar Bear Swim, Water Balloon Launchers, Sponge Challenge, Slip N Slide, Jump Contest, Cookout at the Pond
  • Messy Monday: Pig Trough Ice Cream, Muddy Olympics, Shaving Cream Smear, No Silverware, Boppers
  • Theatre Thursday: Campers, Staff and Counselors share their gifts, jokes, songs and skits with the entire camp at Camp at the Cinema

The week finishes up with Fun Filled, Favorite, Farewell Friday

  • Campers pick their favorite activities
  • Participate in a Theme Event such as a Luau, A day in Japan, etc
  • Share the week with family at Friday Night Fireside

The week is stimulating and exciting for a child with any interest from any background and we work hard to assure campers a memorable week of friendship, fun, and faith in God’s great outdoors…We can’t wait for you to join us!

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