Pioneer: July 26-30 (Ages 7-9)

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The Pioneer Session at BBC is geared to help campers have fun and learn more about God as revealed through Jesus Christ, themselves, nature and the community around them. Pioneer is a 4 day session (1 day shorter than a traditional BBC week long program) in the hopes that Pioneer week will serve as a good stepping stone between the Friendship Session (2 nights) and the Pilgrim Session (5 nights with additional programming).


To facilitate community among these youngsters Pioneer session spends a lot of time together as a large group developing the feeling of community, love, fun and adventure in a safe atmosphere. Shelter community is emphasized through a variety of activities including cooking each meal together over a fire, cabin challenges & shelter chats. Activities are done in groups of 4-8 led by their counselor with time built into rest. This session is geared towards making new friends and exploring the outdoors. A typical day during Pioneer day goes something like this…

  • JUMP START – A morning gathering where the whole camp comes together to gear up for an exciting day, sing songs and receives a “nugget” to ponder from the camp shepherd.
  • Shelter Chats – A time to hear from your counselor and fellow campers and share from your own life as you develop a community with your shelter.
  • Cabin Challenge: An adventure for your shelter to enjoy as a team: anything from conquering the creek hike to navigating the nature trail, to completing BBC’s cooperation course.
  • Interest Groups: Campers can explore individual interests with others at camp. For this age, options include: Creative Corner, Gardening, Outdoor Adventure, Camp Newspaper, Silly Songs, Sports, Sling Shots etc.
  • POND TIME: spending time with the entire camp catching salamanders and other aquatic life, mastering the shallow end, kayaking, jumping on the water trampoline and oh so much more.
  • GROUP GAMES: the entire camp gathers to play games as Octopus, elbow tag, tunnel tag and additional games that are unique to Bethany Birches Camp.
  • FIRESIDE: to close out the day the entire camp meets at the Overlook, the Pavilion or the Old Orchard to sing songs, see skits, and talk with the Camp Shepherd about the theme for the day.
  • COOKING OVER THE FIRE: Shelter groups cook meals over the fire. Counselors lead the process and ask campers to help in various ways.

No day looks the same during Pioneer week. Theme days include…

  • Messy Monday: Pig Trough Ice Cream, Messy Festivities, Muddy Olympics.
  • Wet N Wild Wednesday: Polar Bear Swim, Water Balloons, Slip N Slide, Jump Contest, Cookout at the Pond, Group Games at the Pond.

The week finishes up Thursday Evening with:

  • All camp dinner and show in tell in the pavilion. PARENTS WELCOME! @ 5:30pm
  • Parent fireside @ 6:00pm

The week is stimulating and exciting for a child with any interest from any background and we work hard to assure campers a memorable week of friendship, fun, and faith in God’s great outdoors…We can’t wait for you to join us!

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