Day Camp

Things are a little different this year but still very fun!  We encourage each family to read our 2021 FAQ page.  And of course, check out the photo album from Day Camp A!

The Experience

Day camp is similar to resident camp but everything is scaled for the age.  All of our programs are age-specific.  Examples at day camp include hikes being shorter, activity blocks shorter, different crafts, etc.


Ages 6-10


2021 Pricing

Day Camp A and C

Tier IV: $215  Tier III: $170  Tier II: $85  Tier I: $45


Day Camp B

Tier IV: $170  Tier III: $135  Tier II: $70  Tier I: $35



2021 Dates

Day Camp A: June 28 – July 2

Day Camp B: August 2-5 (Monday-Thursday)

Day Camp C: August 9-13


Check-in is between 8:15-8:45am each day.

Check-out at the end of the day is 4pm

except for the last day of each week when check-out for all sessions is 2pm.



Your Child will Learn

How to make and keep great friends, Conflict management, Basic outdoor living skills, and Jesus’ model of treating others with love and respect.

Loving and Well Trained Staff

Our staff are trained in CPR, basic developmental psychology, conflict management and resolution, and ways to keep your kids safe at camp.

Loving and Well Trained Staff

Fun Activities!

Slip 'n' Slide

Playing Outside

Creative Games

R&R Time

Boating & Kayaking

Disc Golf

Pond Time

Lunch & Snacks