Program Director

You love people.  You love God.  You love being outside and go outside regularly. You know how to have a good time and help others do the same.  You’re a good fit for Bethany Birches Camp.

Is It A Good Fit?

Directing the program at Bethany Birches is fun and varied!  For example, you might help a new counselor with their cooking fire, and while heading back to the office, stop to encourage an experienced counselor for their good camper management.  You might then sit down at your desk and check in with yourself about whether the way the program is playing out matches your vision as well as the organization’s history and overall direction.  Time management and helping your team move the program forward are key in-season efforts.  You identify deeply with the core values of Bethany Birches Camp and are stoked about the mission to help young people develop their relationship with God.  Some days it feels like a lot.  Most days, you live and work in a very desireable location (surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, and views).  After being here for a little, you will start to sense your impact in people’s lives.


You are 25 years or older. You have a bachelors degree or higher.  You have 3 years or more experience in a similar role in which you supervised others.  You take your faith seriously and continue to grow in your relationship with God and understanding of Jesus and Bible.  You have an Anabaptist perspective or at least an understanding of that theology.

If something above does not describe you let’s talk.  We also have need for “program managers” with slightly different responsibilities, who wear fewer hats and can be on site only in season.  This is a great role for those who aren’t sure they want to move to Vermont, or want to stay engaged with the off-season parts of their lives.

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