Campaign Update:

December, 2017

The campaign goal was met at the end of 2015!  The goal was to raise $1,800,000.  $400,000 would be for operations during the campaign and the rest for the new pavilion.  God, through many of you, has made the mission possible. The mission of replacing the camp’s main building.

The fundraising goal of $1,400,000 was not enough to complete the building. To date the project cost has been almost $2M.  Many supporters have contributed and we have paid for everything!  Thanks to Bob’s Walk and a generous supporter, the final loan was paid off.  The camp is again debt free!

The remaining objective is to complete the last bits of the project. We originally phased a few items to lessen the loan amount.  Here’s the final details:


ITEMCost – originally budgeted
Wood Boiler Above Budget$25,000
Climbing Wall Materials $15,000
High Ropes from High 5 $5,000
Ventilation upstairs $10,000
Kitchen Equipment: range, burners griddle $7,400
Kitchen Equipment: heater/proofer $1,200
Kitchen Equipment: 30qt floor mixer $3,200
Kitchen Equipment: Ice Machine $1,500
Furniture and AV: Projector Screen $800
Furniture and AV: Mtg Room Sofa and table $2,000
Furniture and AV: Contingency $12,000

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