Project: Program Equipment

We utilize many activities, games and equipment to create a fun and meaningful time for campers. This fundraising goal is all about the campers direct experience. Some key items in this years’ program equipment upgrade include, mountain boards, new fireside site, ski boots and mattresses.

Ski Boots: Skill Development is an important aspect that many parents consider before sending their kids to camp. It’s also fun for campers to go home have learned a new skill and encourages them to return next year! The Backcountry Ski Program has really been taking off! For a few campers, it’s their favorite part of Winter Camp. More boots will allow more campers to participate.

Counselor Mattresses: Over the last few years we’ve almost doubled the number of Summer Counselors in an attempt to put two counselors with each cabin. This has caused a shortage of the mattresses that we typically give counselors to sleep on. Please help us make sure our staff are able to serve the campers by being well rested each night!

New Fireside: Evening Firesides are key part of what we do at BBC. The whole camp gathers each evening to sing some silly songs and worship songs together. After the singing, campers and counselors sit together in nature listening to a shepherd share about God and his love for each one of them. This year we are looking to build a new Fireside location that easily fits larger groups while also being somewhat removed from the main hub of camp. This helps remove distractions and will draw campers into the experience of being in nature.

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