Robert Weaver

Walking is the original form of transportation.  It’s one of the first complex skills all new humans learn.  It’s is a great form of exercise.  And it’s how Bob Weaver intends to raise awareness and support to finish Mission Possible: The Pavilion Project.

Bob and Camp and Walking

Bob has been a long time supporter of Bethany Birches. He has also been a long time walker.  He looks for ways to support the camp ongoing.  He also looks for reasons to walk.  When Bob realized he could combine his desire to support camp with walking to help finish the pavilion project he launched this project.  He has a goal to walk 400 miles by July (that’s the distance between where he lives in Lancaster, PA and where camp is in Plymouth, VT. See the map).  He hopes this will raise $25,000 to go toward finishing Mission Possible: The Pavilion Project.  See a few photos of Bob walking.

Mission Possible: The Pavilion Project

In short, the pavilion project was a miracle-sized project for Bethany Birches.  It has changed the programming we are able to offer and the seasons in which we’re able to offer it, all while upgrading the overall operation and capacity of the camp.  These changes have enhanced our ability to fulfill our mission.  $2,000,000 has been spent on the project as well as many volunteer hours and donated materials.  We have to pay back a small loan and complete some aspects of the project to close the books.

Bob's Progress

Miles Walked: 400
Miles Goal: 400
Dollars Given: $6151.50
Dollars Goal: $25,000

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Beginning: February 2017

  • Week ending 02/05: 13 miles
  • Week ending 02/12: 14 miles
  • Week ending 02/19: 14 miles
  • Week ending 02/26: 35 miles
  • Week ending 03/05: 27 miles
  • Week ending 03/12: 20 miles
  • Week ending 03/19: 26 miles
  • Week ending 03/26: 13 miles
  • Week ending 04/02: 13 miles
  • Week ending 04/09: 10 miles
  • Week ending 04/16: 19 miles
  • Week ending 04/23: 25 miles
  • Week ending 04/30: 25 miles
  • Week ending 05/07: 20 miles
  • Week ending 05/14: 15 miles
  • Week ending 05/21: 18 miles
  • Week ending 05/28: 9 miles
  • Week ending 06/04: 3 miles
  • Week ending 06/11: 15 miles
  • Week ending 06/18: 9 miles
  • Week ending 06/25: 9 miles
  • Week ending 07/02: 9 miles
  • Week ending 07/09: 9 miles
  • Week ending 07/15: 7 miles
  • Week ending 07/23: 16 miles
  • Week ending 07/30: 5 miles
  • Last Day of Walk 07/31: 2 miles

Total as of 07/31: 400 miles walked

Walking Goal Reached: Congratulations Bob!

One of the ways we help people understand the camp is to create videos during program times or for special projects.  From the original campaign video for The Pavilion Project to a video explaining tiered pricing to an advertisement for winter camp, there are lots of videos on the camp’s youtube channel.

Do You Walk Too?

(or run, or bike, or ski or knit)

We can start a page for you and you too can raise money to help the camp finish out the pavilion project!

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